Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Degree Nursing tries to answer as many questions as we can throughout the year, however, we can't always keep up, especially during the back to school season. We created this web page in hopes of answering the most frequently asked questions received through our contact us email form.

Anything I can do to help out or show my support?
An easy way to help is to link or share our homepage on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages for example. It really does help.

Can you send me nursing school information by mail?
We do not mail any materials from our office. You must contact the nursing school directly, or, use any available links to request information from a school.

Why haven't I seen this website before?
The original website was created in 2008 on and moved to the domain name in 2015. Over the years the Degree Nursing website team has published hundreds of articles which help answer questions they received from the public, friends, and family.

How do I apply for a nursing license?
You must graduate from a state board approved nursing program before you apply for your nursing license. Please visit your state board of nursing website to review the RN, LPN, LVN and other nursing license requirements for your state and neighboring states before you enroll into any nursing program.

Can you send me a nursing license application by mail?
We do not mail any materials from our office. Please contact your state Board of Nursing directly or use any available links to request information from your state board.

Is it really that important to get an accredited nursing degree?
If you wish to continue your education in the future, yes. CCNE and NLNAC (NLN) accreditations are well known nationwide and offer the best chance of your credits being accepted into your next nursing school of choice.

Don't just believe us, take a look at the entrance requirements for nearby Associate, Bachelor, and Master nursing degree programs where it says "…must have graduated from a CCNE/NLNAC accredited nursing program." Some job postings will also clearly state that the candidate must have graduated from an accredited nursing degree program as well.

Are you sure that all nursing schools are listed, are you missing any?
Our nursing schools database is growing and we expect to add more nursing schools periodically as we find them. Nursing schools with CCNE and NLNAC (NLN) accreditation are our first priority, however, other nursing schools may be added to our website upon request. The total database size is approximately 1,500 nursing schools.

I called my state board of nursing and they could not find the nursing school that you say is accredited, why?
If you are trying to verify the accreditation status of a nursing school, the easiest way might be to ask the school which accreditations they hold, and which number to call to verify their accreditation status. To verify NLNAC you can call NLNAC direct, likewise for CCNE.

The state board of nursing website might not be updated for newer nursing programs and may only say that the nursing program is or is not licensed with the state.

I'm an LPN, is it's really worth taking the time to become a RN?
Yes. The writing is on the wall so to speak, that we need more Registered Nurses in the world. Take a look at any nursing salary statistics and notice that there are more Registered Nurses than LPN, LVN, Nursing Aides, and Orderlies combined. Nursing salaries increase significantly for those women and men who obtain their RN license as well.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a licensed RN by speaking with Registered Nurses at your facility including your hiring manager, and remember that the more RNs you talk to the more comfort you should have in making the decision to further your nursing education.

Last updated: June 18, 2018