About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Degree Nursing is to support the nursing workforce by helping current and prospective nurses navigate their education pathways. Our database of nursing schools, combined with relevant nursing degree, nursing career, and nursing news is a free to use industry resource.

Contributors to this website include nursing students, nursing educators, and nursing experts who have provided insight, articles, and interviews for the benefit of our visitors.

How To Contribute

The easiest way to help out is to link or share our homepage on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages for example. It really does help.

If you are interested in writing for us, sitting for an interview, partnering with us, would like to advertise on our site, or would like to collaborate in some way, please contact us. We are always seeking ways to expand and improve our content.

How We Obtain Our Data

We created a school data page to help explain our methods of data collection. Employees or students may use our contact us form to submit their school at any time.

Our Team

We're a creative team of web developers and professional writers based out of Wilmington, Delaware. Together we have been researching and writing about nursing schools since 2004.

Our preferred method of contact is through our contact us form. Both students and schools may submit questions and we will reply back within 1 to 2 business days.

To reach us by mail please use the followings address as written:

Website Host, LLC
Attn: DegreeNursing.com
1201 N Orange St
Suite 700 #7109
Wilmington, DE 19801-1186

Last updated: June 19, 2018