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Accredited nursing schools.

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Your guide to nursing schools and nursing degree information:

Accredited Nursing Schools

Accredited Nursing Schools

Our database only includes nursing schools which can save you time sorting through unwanted college and university search results. These nursing schools generally have a physical campus and are accredited on the state, region, or national level.

Nursing Degree Programs

Nursing Degree Programs

Each nursing school listed in our database offers at least one of the following nursing degree or certificate programs: CNA, ASN, BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD. We also try to list any LPN to ASN, RN to BSN, and RN to MSN accelerated nursing programs where available.

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Build your own private wishlist of nursing schools without sacrificing your privacy. We're here to help you get into an accredited nursing school, not to sell your information to third parties like other well known college and university database websites might do.

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